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Komodo Memorable Tour is a tour operator based in Bali and Labuan Bajo. We organize the trip to Flores and Komodo National Park.We opened an office in Sanur, Bali Indonesia in 2013. For a while we just focused on delivering travel package to Komodo National Park and the island of Flores. Here are some travel package that we can offer:
  • Komodo tour
  • Komodo Tour From Bali
  • Flores Trip
  • Snorkeling Trip around Komodo National Park
  • Combination Tour Packages Komodo And Flores Tour
We officially opened an office in 2013 in Bali, but our team is very experienced in dealing with all the tour program. All teams have a base of tourism, as most of us are graduating from the Tourism High school who has had about 10 years experience in Bali and Flores Tourism.

All the team is also the native people of Flores Island, which certainly has a sense of belonging to this island. In addition we also have a big dream to promote the beauty of the island of Flores all over the world. To realize all that we also feel a responsibility to preserve this island.

Komodo Memorable Tour put excellent service to provide a sense of satisfaction to the guests. We will always try to give comfort to all our clients, because our customer’s satisfaction is our main goal. All the information we provide here are based on the conditions and reality here. For that we are very happy when our clients want to discuss with us at the time of preparation of the tour program. All the tours we list in our website are the programs that is ready to use, but we are still open all possibilities to change it according to your time and wishes.

Usually we provide a flexible time during the trip, this is because the tastes of each person is different. We are also very concentrated listening to what our customers desire, and try our best to make it happen, and of course this can be done under the conditions of the field. We will do what our customers asked if conditions allow, but we will resist firmly if it is not possible to do. For that discussion is the way we always take to give good sense to every customer.

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