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Komodo tour from Bali

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When it comes to a distinct vacation in Flores, you have many options. For example, there is Kalong Island. This small island belongs to Komodo National Park. It is located between Papagarang and Rinca Island. As the name cited, it is the home of “Kalong or bats. That means you can witness thousands of bats in this island. These unique creatures hang on the mangroves at noon. They start flying around in the afternoon and night. Overall, it is a worthy sight for visitors.
Kalong Island is quite small. Most of the land is covered by mangroves. These are the home of tons of bats, after all. Their size is quite big. No worries. They don’t cause harm to human. Apart from the bats, the island features other attractions. This includes the beach. The waves are a little bit strong. That means you should not carelessly play in the water. As mentioned earlier, mangroves are the major part of Kalong Island. Due to this reason, it is a little bit difficult to get around the island.

Exploring Kalong Island
The best time to get around the island is in the evening. Lots of bats start looking for foods. They leave their nest and fly in a group. No wonder, the sky is will be covered by these creatures. They are quite majestic. Another great time to witness these bats is in the morning. At this time, they come back to their nest. You can witness this moment from your boat. Since the island is covered by the mangroves, you aren’t able to explore it by foot. Not to mention there is no pier.

Flying Fox in Komodo Island

No one knows where the bats look for their foods. Even tour guides have no information regarding this issue. Here is the thing. The bats will leave their nest in the evening and come back in the morning. These are the best times to observe their movement. All visitors are able to enjoy this unique sight. Kalong Island is a definitely an important checkpoint prior to visiting Komodo and Rinca Island. It is possible to enjoy snorkeling near to this island.

Another attraction is the mangroves. As mentioned before, it is the home of the bats. Due to this reason, the locals take a good care of the mangroves. That means no one is allowed to cut the trees. Moreover, it is prohibited to catch fishes illegally. With these rules, Kalong Island retains its beauty and nature. This explains why foreign tourists are also interested in it. On top of that, there are other attractions nearby.

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How to Get There
In order to reach Kalong Island, you should visit Labuan Bajo first. From here, you need to rent a speedboat. It takes about 30-50 minutes to reach the island. This short trip is definitely comfortable and fun. You can witness nearby scenery from the boat.

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Kalong island is a mall beautiful island  in komodo national park with the manggrove plantation  cover the island where thousands of bats living further more ,the name of this island coming from the local name that kalong means bat because of that island living thousand of bats.so thats why the name of this island is flying fox island.this island presents the exotic attraction of bats flying over the island in particular sunset time ,therefore ,it is one of the favorite tourist attractions in komodo national park that you never miss when you joining bali komodo tour,the tour package are discovery komodo island to witness the komodo varant on their habitat,padar island,pink beach,takamakasar,manta point,and so much more.these destination will going to visit when you make the bali komodo tour 2 days 1 night,3 days 2 night and 4 days 3 night.

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Kalong island located approximetaly  9 km from Labuan bajo port,we can reach this island within one hour ,furthermore,it is residing in komodo national park become one of the popular tourist destinations for tourist to visit the komodo,rinca and surroundings islands,this island is ,magrove forest area and it has important role to balance to nature especialy to avoid from the abration.

The best time to visit this island is late afternoon when the dark come,in addition the tourist who join in the sailling trip on bali komodo tour will dock the boat around 6 pm local time.

The ship will go along the side where the sunset can be seen early .the rest of of the light from the sun becomes the backdrop of milliond of bats,they fly energetically  by making a noise and thunderin  toward labuan bajo.

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