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Flores Tourism

The most famous tourist attraction in Flores is Kelimutu volcano which containing three colored lakes, located in the district of Ende close to the town of Moni, although there is also the Inierie volcano near Bajawa. These crater lakes are in the caldera of a volcano, and fed by a volcanic gas source, resulting in highly acidic water. The colored lakes change colors on an irregular basis, depending on the oxidation state of the lake from bright red through green and blue.

There are snorkelling and diving locations along the north coast of Flores, most notably Maumere and Riung. However, due to the destructive practice of local fishermen using bombs to fish, and locals selling shells to tourists, combined with the after effects of a devastating tsunami in 1992, the reefs have slowly been destroyed.

Komodo Island is a small island in Flores island it is found within the lasser sunda islands and is famous for being home to the endemic Komodo Dragon as well as  to number of incredible wildlife species both on land  and under water life,this memorable island fall within pasific  ring of fire and is therefore  of volcanic origins .gasing at the giant brown and green volcanic mountains,emerging from where the indian ocean and the pacific ocean meet is an awesome and awe inspiring  experience of a life time

Labuan Bajo,

Labuan bajo located on the western tip is often used by tourists as a base to visit Komodo and Rinca islands. Labuan Bajo also attracts scuba divers, as whale sharks inhabit the waters around Labuan bajo.Komodo snorkling is very pretty incredible in place  you will see  sea turtle,manta ray,gian titan triger fish,coral reef and so much more.komodo snorkling is a five star snorkling site on this planet.

Komodo Snorkling combination with komodo tour  and flores tour How to do it?

please contact your local agent komodo memorable  is a local tour operator special organize the trip to komodo and flores island.