Komodo tour from bali

komodo tour from bali island

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Komodo Tour From Bali  Island

taka makasar
taka makasar in komodo island indonesia

Komodo Memorable Tour arrange all kind of Flores Komodo tours  From Bali Indonesia. Visit Flores Island and the island of Komodo national park in Indonesia. To see Komodo dragons, wild life, nature, culture and so much more are for the purpose of tours Flores Komodo Indonesia. To summarize all kind of Komodo tours, here we arrange on Komodo tour package from Bali. So that you can choose. To begin with daily, a day trip or live aboard. Daily trip for trekking or snorkeling can do with us. Choose Komodo tour packages from Bali now. While to summarize tours Flores island and tours Komodo National Park we put here on the Flores Komodo tour packages From Bali

Komodo Tour From Bali is our specialized service in serving you if you want to visit the Komodo National Park. This service includes trekking activities in several popular places, such as: Komodo Island, Rinca Isalnd, Padar Island, Kelor Island, etc. Beside that, this program also combine with snorkeling activity in amazing snorkeling spot, suc as: Pink Beach, Manta Point, Kanaw Island, Siaba Island, menjerite and so much more

Komodo Tour from bali

komodo dragon


Day Tour to Komodo from Bali

2 Days 1 Night Komodo Tour From Bali

3 Days 2 Night Komodo Tour From Bali

4 Days 3 Night Komodo Tour From Bali

Komodo Tour from Bali concerned to those who want to take our service and choose want to start from Bali. So all the needing such as: flight, accommodation and everything during in trip can be included in our tour price package (its depend on your request). So you just wait at your hotel in Bali, and our staff will pick you up then drive you to airport for taking flight to Labuan Bajo. On your arrival at Labuan bajo, we will just pick you up then directly take you to our boat. This service can be divided in some several type of tours according to how many days will you spend, they are:

Komodo Tours From Bali

All these tours can be provide in Private Boat Tour. So before we send you the price we need to know how many persons of you that will do the trip. So we always calculate the price according to the summary of our clients.

All prices that we prepare also do not include all costs that must be paid while you are in Komodo National Park. And for 2019, the total costs that you will pay in Komodo National Park are as follows:

Working Days (Monday – Saturday)

  • Entrance Fee: IDR 150.000 / person
  • Goverment Tax: IDR. 100.000 / Person
  • Tracking Fee: IDR. 15.000 / Person
  • Snorkeling Fee: IDR. 15.000 / person
  • Boat Parking: IDR. 100.000 / Boat
  • Ranger Fee: IDR. 80.000 for 1 – 5 persons

Week End (Sunday) or national Holiday

  • Entrance Fee: IDR 225.000 / person
  • Goverment Tax: IDR. 100.000 / Person
  • Tracking Fee: IDR. 15.000 / Person
  • Snorkeling Fee: IDR. 15.000 / person
  • Boat Parking: IDR. 100.000 / Boat
  • Ranger Fee: IDR. 80.000 for 1 – 5 persons

Overall, in conducting this service, we will use boat as transportation to visit Komodo National Park. The boat that we prepare also consists of various types, such as: Phinisi Boat, Superior Boat, Standard Boat and Speed Boat. And of course, on this ship we have prepared all the necessities for your safety during the trip, such as: life jackets, communication devices, etc.

boat komodo
komodo boat trip

During this Komodo Tour, you will also be accompanied by a tour guide, whose role is to explain everything you want to know from Komodo National Park. Tour guide will always be with you while on the boat, or when you will be trekking or snorkeling.

Regarding time: The time we prepare is very flexible, we will always listen to your requests during this tour. And if you want to spend more time somewhere, you can discuss this with your tour guide on the boat. And if time permits, we will be happy to serve your request.

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