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Information Of Komodo Tour From Bali 

Indonesia is an archipelago country. It consists of 17.ooo thousands of islands. In Flores, you can explore many small islands. Regardless of their small size, they are a worthy place to visit on your Komodo Tour From Bali, One of them is Kanawa Island. The main attraction is its stunning coral reefs. Many tourists come here for snorkeling and relaxing. Thanks to the beach’s clear sea water and white sand. The name is similar to that of Sumbawa’s small island, it becomes a great vacation retreat both for locals and foreigners.This destination include on your komodo tour packge from Bali island when you book 2 Days 1 Night Komodo Tour From Bali, 3 Days 2 Night Komodo Tour From Bali, 4 Days 3 Night Komodo Tour from Bali you will visit this beautiful island.
In the summer, you can see the cloudless sky. The blue color of the sky and gentle wind are quite comforting. Kanawa Island also has shady trees and white sand. Near to the beach, there is a pier. Not to mention there is a bungalow nearby, so tourists can reach the island easily using a boat. As mentioned earlier,

Visit kanawa island on your komodo tour from bali island

How to visit kanawa island from bali

From Bali Island you will take morning flight, with the garuda indonesia air lines it takes one hours flight,when you arrive in komodo air port you pick up by the local guide then trasfer to labuan bajo harbour,from airport to the harbour it takes 10 meunits,and from labuan bajo harbour you will start your sailling to kanawa island it takes 40 meanits.

When you arrive at Kanawa Island, you will be astonished by its beauty. The sand is white and exotic. The island has a grassy and hilly background. It is an extra of the island. Your boat lies at anchor in a small pier. Below, you can see several fishes passing by. Due to clear water, you are able to see them clearly. The most attractive thing is the coral reef. It is quite mesmerizing. In the afternoon, you can play on the beach. There are some starfishes and crabs on the sand. Your kids are going to love them.

The next activity is snorkeling. As mentioned earlier, the water is quite clear. You can explore marine life and beauty comfortable. No worries. You can rent the equipment. Not to mention there are several spots for diving. Though, you should have had the permission. There is a dive center nearby, so you may obtain both authorization and equipment here. For beginners, it is wise to hire an instructor. He will accompany you during an adventure in the sea. Overall, it is better to be safe.

Next, there is the hill. Once you spend some time at the beach, you should explore the hill. Kanawa Island features a short hill. However, the route is a little bit challenging. You may expect sandy landscape, a meadow, and some bugs. Once you arrive at the top of the hill, you can see many views. These include boats, beaches, hills, etc. On top of that, you can feel the refreshing wind.

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Where to Stay
If you book One Day Tour To Komodo From Bali You do not book the hotel  because you will back on the same day to bali,morning flight from bali at 8 am and return on 6 pm.

but if you book 2 Days 1 Night Komodo Tour From Bali , 3 Days 2 Night Komodo Tour From Bali, 4 Days 3 Night Komodo Tour from Bali  you will stay over night in ac cabin boat,this the best way to explore komodo and suroundings island or please contact your lacal agent on www.komodomemorabletour.com to discuss where is the best place to stay.


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