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Incredible of Padar Island  in Komodo Flores Indonesia

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Padar Island Located in Komodo National Park,along with komodo island,rinca island,long beach,flying fox island,and the other,s Smaller island around the national park.

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Padar island Is closeer to rinca  and long beach compared to komodo island and PADAR island separated  by the strait,for those who love the Nature and incredible views this is the place to go.

Padar island known for beautiful curved beach surrounded by majestic green hills and terrains are covered in bushes and wais high grasses,it making the region look like a dry savannah.

PADAR island is apart of the third largest island in komodo national park after komodo and rinca island.

PADAR Island surrounded by several  small islands and vast blue sea,unique panoramic view.

from labuan bajo to padar island it take 2 hours by wooden boat but if you use speed boat it take only one hours.

to visit padar island we can make day tour to komodo or take complete tour package to discover all over the komodo island and surrounding,s


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KOMODO MEMORABLE TOUR Provideand, Day trip to Padar island,Kelor IslMerite island,and allso KOMODO LIVE ABOARD Start from 2 days 1 night untill 4 Days 3 Night please contact us for more information and booking on www.komodomemorabletour.com/ whatsapp +6282146049015