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The things to do in komodo  National Park

Komodo National park there is consist of theree big islands such as Komodo island,Rinca island and padar island.

Komodo National park was declared world heritage site and Biosphere Reserve By Unesco,because there is only one on this planet can find the largest speciest of living lizard that is in Komodo National Park Flores Indonesia.an estimated  total of the komodo dragon are 6,000 living in Komodo National park flores indonesia,Komodo dragon are the star of the show but the natural spectaculer in Komodo national park goes beyond those dangerous lizards .all the best things to do in komodo island are related to the nature so be prepared for and overdose  of stuninning views,cristal clear water,colored corals,colorfull fish,thousands of bats,amaizing sunset and sunrise ,please don,t miss these top things to do in your  komodo tour from Bali island

Trekking in Rinca While You Hunting The Komodo Dragons by Camera 

rinca island
trekking Rinca island

Put your trekking boots on, get a hat, a bottle of water and follow the rules and the local guide instruction. Rinca Island is the second biggest island in the Komodo National Park, and has the second biggest population of Komodo dragons. From Labuan Bajo the clourosest tourist town to Rinca Island it takes  approximately 2 hours on a wooden boat. It’s a long and enjoyable trip, will passed by stunning islands, calm bays and cruised through a beautiful deep blue sea.

At the island the local guide instructions don’t look directly to the Komodo dragon, keep you head down, walk only in the trail, stay together with your group, one ranger goes in the front the group and the other in the end. Never go to the toilet alone, and girls on their period need extra attention and double security, as the dragons can smell the blood and might attack.

if you wanted to get close to Komodo dragon, but at this point must discuss to your komodo memorable guide or  the local ranger.  to make the adventure more exciting and memorable,in komodo national park the dragons are venomous. Plus some deadly snakes that are living free in the island.

The trekking in Rinca Island is very beautiful, the views from the top of the hills were stunning and encounter with the Komodo dragons was more peaceful and gentle than you expected. They were in the mating season, with the females protecting nests, getting ready to lay eggs between August and September

 Bat Watching and memorable Sunset

flying fox
flying fox island komodo

 One of the top things to do in Komodo Islands is to go bat watching Please don’t skip the bat watching, it’s one of the most amazing sunset experiences  you can have.

After the trekking in Rinca Island will  continue  cruised to the Kalong island where you  stopped in the middle of the sea to witness the thousands of bats flying out from the manggrove forest during the sunset time,you will seat on the top of the boat and grab a cold beer. With a premier view, you witness the sky become orange, the sun disappeared in the ocean and suddenly hundreds of giant bats started  flying from the island in front of you. It is amagical and  spectacular to see those huge bats [also called flying foxes or fruit bats.when you are here you will speach less.no word to discribe how amaizing is that.so decided it right now please book with komodo memorable tour for your Bali komodo  tour we are a local tour Company based in Sanur Bali Island and Labuan Bajo,we do our best to serve you beter than you wish.

 Trekking in Padar Island indonesia to witness the incredible Views 

padar island
Padar Island komodo tour

 Komodo Island was all about dragons and wildlife. here is the places for your travel dreams,early morning jumped on a boat and cruise to Padar Island. it takes two hours boat trip from Labuan Bajo to Padar Island it is filled with sunbathing, dolphins swimming along the boat and some water splashes.you will  spent more time on boats than on land and you gonna  loved it,

before you visit this island you have to prepare sport Shoes,sun cream,hat,and swiming suites,

To reach the summit we walked almost one hour. The terrain was tough, sandy and with some loose rocks, you need strength and balance to keep moving up. But for every step, every meter you go up, the view you get from the island and the beaches around gives you the power to keep moving. You gonna sweat, you gonna be tired, and you gonna be in ecstasy when you arrive at the top. So far, one of the most rewarding trekking trails you have ever done. Checked.After all that exercise,time to rush down for a well deserved and cooling sea dip and then you will visit the next destination in komodo nati

Visit the Komodo Island, Home of Thousand Komodo dragon

komodo island
komodo dragon in komodo island

Ready for more dragons? The Komodo Island is the biggest island in the National Park and has the biggest population of dragons.in komodo island you will see more the komodo dragon  and allso the others wild life such as green snake,kakatua bird,megapoot bird,deer,wild pig,long tail monkey and so much more.komodo dragon are the top predators on this island because they are so big.the komodo dragon ,s earholes  are easy  to see but komodo dragon are not very good to hearing .it is able to see as far as 300 meters and komodo dragon use the tongue to taste and smell like many other reptils,they have special part of the body called jacobson,s organ for smelling with the help from the good wind they can smell dead animal from 4 until 10 kilo meters.

Snorkling in Manta Pint Komodo National Park

manta ray
manta point komodo

Manta point in flores komodo indonesia is a perfect place to explore on your your holiday it is located near by Komodo National park,Here is the location to witness a majestic sea creature Manta Ray,Due to This reason,Many tourist come here for either SNORKLING AND DIVING,Manta point is belongs to komodo national park,if you make one day trip from labuan bajo or bali,the recomended tour package is rinca to see komodo dragon,manta poin to see manta ray,kelor island and menjerite to see the sea turtle,but if you want to see more please take the tour package two days,three or four days trip sailling around the komodo island.

 Snorkling in siaba  komodo national park to see the sea turtle

sea turtle komodo

Sea turtle and other tortoises are the part of testudines

there are seven species of turtles in the word and some of these you can found in SIABA  komodo national park indonesia such as green sea turtles,hawksbill sea turtles,olive ridley sea turtles,longgerhead sea turtles,green sea turtles,leatherback sea turtles,all species except leadherback turtles are in Cheloniidae family,the leatherback belongs to Dermocheyidae family .and some of thse are often  seen on coral reefs in Siaba and other areas around the komodo national park.

Sea turtle have hard bone skin ,eyelids,and jaws that are modified to break without teeth.allso they have  tear ducts near the eyes that secrete excess of salt water that is digested with food.they are different from  tortoises because they have fins with claws rather than legs and cannot pull the head and fins into their  shells to hide

Type: Testudines


average life span in the wild  80 years

size 6 to 7 ft [1 to 2 m]

length 3 to 5 ft

weight up to 1.300 lbs[590 kg] and 8 times a year save 50 to 200 eggs each time,only 1% will reach maturity.

 Snorkling and relaxing in Takamakasar

taka makasar
taka makasar in komodo island indonesia

The most popular thing to do in takamakasar is to walk around the land. It features soft and beautiful sand. However, it is quite small. The other interesting activities are free diving and snorkeling. For the best holidays, you must come during the low tide. This way, you are able to play around the beach. Some tourists also like to take selfies here. One thing, you shouldn’t be too close to the sea. There are some jellyfishes nearby. You need to stay away from them.

As a tourist, you don’t have to get off from the boat. It is possible to enjoy the scenery from Sail Komodo boat. Though, most visitors come here for swimming and snorkeling. Don’t you like these water sports? You shouldn’t expect many fishes, though. The island features shallow water. That means you can only find some sea creatures like jellyfishes, starfishes, etc. There are some sea turtles, as well. The water also features small corals. They are all quite beautiful.

How visit this place?

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kelor island
2 days one night komodo tour

Kelor island is home foe beautiful  and colorful fishes white sand beaches and amaizing blue waters,from labuan bajo harbour approximately 1,5 hours to kelor island.the island famous for breathtaking ocean views as well as wide range of hiking trails.being an uninhabited island kelor island is known as an untouched,tranquil island locked away in the flores region,you can do a lot of activities here,including snorkel and swim along side the fishes,which i a popular activity among tourist who come visit this island.

 Pink Beach,  Snorkeling in Komodo National Park

pick beach
komodo pink beach

trip to Komodo Island is packed with adventure and natural beauty, and Pink Beach is the perfect combination of both. This little piece of paradise is famous for the pinkish sand, a mix of white sand and little pieces of red corals brought by the waves. A surreal scenery, with a transparent warm sea, and an immense amount of colored fishes and preserved coral.

The trees by the beach make it the perfect spot for relaxing and sunbathing, but if you are still seeking for more adventure, Pink Beach won’t disappoint you. It’s time to discover the underwater biodiversity of Komodo National Park. In Pink Beach or close by your can do snorkeling and scuba diving, pick your favorite and enjoy hours of fun..

Pink Beach for some serious snorkeling. Hours swimming with fishes, beautiful corals and with great visibility. you couldn’t believe how rich and preserved the corals are and only a few meters from the shore.you will so happy and big  surprise for it.The Komodo dragons are the main attraction of the National Park, but snorkeling and diving in Komodo Island come in second place, attracting many travelers and  every year come visit this memorable island.

Exploring Kanawa Island

kanawa island
kanawa komodo tour

Once you arrive at Kanawa Island, you will be astonished by its beauty. The sand is white and exotic. The island has a grassy and hilly background. It is an extra of the island. Your boat lies at anchor in a small pier. Below, you can see several fishes passing by. Due to clear water, you are able to see them clearly. The most attractive thing is the coral reef. It is quite mesmerizing. In the afternoon, you can play on the beach. There are some starfishes and crabs on the sand. Your kids are going to love them.

The next activity is snorkeling. As mentioned earlier, the water is quite clear. You can explore marine life and beauty comfortable. No worries. You can rent the equipment. Not to mention there are several spots for diving. Though, you should have had the permission. There is a dive center nearby, so you may obtain both authorization and equipment here. For beginners, it is wise to hire an instructor. He will accompany you during an adventure in the sea. Overall, it is better to be safe.

Next, there is the hill. Once you spend some time at the beach, you should explore the hill. Kanawa Island features a short hill. However, the route is a little bit challenging. You may expect sandy landscape, a meadow, and some bugs. Once you arrive at the top of the hill, you can see many views. These include boats, beaches, hills, etc. On top of that, you can feel the refreshing wind.

How to visit manta poin from labuan bajo?

if you want to make one day trip to komodo the beter option is use the speedboat from labuan bajo, and you will see the komodo dragon,manta ray,taka makasar and sea turtle in one day,there is Komodo Memorable Tour to organize you trip,komodo memorable tour is a local tour operator base in bali and labuan bajo,komodo memorable tour has professional tour booking and tour information for komodo and flores island,komodo memorable tour has selected all tour destination in komodo island and flores island,komodo memorable tour has professional tour guide and they are a native people of komodo and flores island,

the second option is use the motorized wooden boat from labuan bajo to manta point and explore the komodo island in two,theree or four days stay over night on the cabin boat,this is the complete tour package to exploring the komodo national park and surroundings island,all the boat leaving from labuan bajo west manggarai flores indonesia

If you spend more time in komodo national park you will see more than you wish,because there is alot of things to see.come to komodo island and enjoy the natural beauty.


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